One Day (Hiking) + Overnight

images (14)1 day, 1 night

We start our hiking in Rum village, from where we will walk east for 3 km to Rakabet Canyon. Throughout our walk, you will enjoy the views of wonderful sandstone mountains all around us. On the other side of the canyon (Wadi Um Ishrin) we will stop for lunch and sweet Bedouin tea. After lunch, we will continue through Wadi Um Ishrin to the famous sand dunes. We will then continue on to the Anfasheih inscriptions (dating to 300 BC), one of Wadi Rum’s most famous historic sites.

After we finish examining the Anfasheih area, we will then continue our trek through the desert, taking in the beautiful sights and sounds of Wadi Rum. Finally, we will reach our destination of Jabel Mkaser Athbee (Gazelle Mountain) where you will enjoy our traditional Bedouin dinner and tea around the campfire. At night, you can enjoy the canopy of stars above your head before your settle in for bed. After breakfast in the morning, we will bring you back by jeep to Rum village so that you can continue on your journey.

If you would like to return to the village by camel instead, we can arrange a camel trek for you to do the final morning. This is just an additional 30 JD per camel, and the trek back takes 2-3 hours.  You will then arrive at Rum Village between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM.


  • 1 person: 60 JD
  • 2 people: 55 JD 
  • 3 people: 50 JD 
  • 4 people +: 45 JD 

MEALS: Drinks, Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast

Children under 4 years: FREE. Please contact us directly for the prices of older children.