About Us

MyWP_20131224_002 name is SALEM HAMMAD AL-ZALABEIH and the desert of Wadi Rum is my home. I was born and grew up in the desert and I have lived here with my family for as long as I can remember. As a child I learnt to find my way in the desert – now I know every rock and mountain, each sandy plain and dune and of course, I’m very familiar with all the Lawrence of Arabia spots. This is what inspired me to give the name to my site, Wadi Rum Lawrence Camp. 

I have extensive experience as a desert guide and I love my job. I know where to view the most beautiful and impressive places of Wadi Rum and its secrets.

I belong to the Al-Zalabeih Bedouin tribe. This tribe has lived in Wadi Rum desert for centuries – until 1963, when we started to move to Rum village in search of an education and to be closer to our visitors. We welcome you to learn about this ancient culture and experience our traditional way of living.

Everyone in our Company, the tour guides and camp staff, – are Bedouins from the region. Thus, we do not only provide an income for the locals, but also ensure you will get in touch with the authentic culture and tradition brought to you by real Bedouins.

We will answer all the questions that may come to your mind – about our dressing, customs, food, history, or any other aspect concerning the Bedouin life. On our tours you will be catered authentic Bedouin food and if you like you can learn about our traditional ways of dealing with everyday life.

Also we can arrange home stays with families in the desert or in Rum village for you to experience the simple Bedouin life and our language, or if you simply want to escape from your daily routine, just let us know when and we will be delighted to find a family for your stay. Simply visit our Contact Us page and send us your request.

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We Are Happy To Welcome You To Wadi Rum!